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Motiva Breast Implants

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6th Generation Motiva Implants® for Breast Reconstruction & Augmentation Motiva Implants®: A Generation Above the Rest


Breast implant products have, since the 1990s, garnered very few advances in their development. From safety, to comfort, and aesthetics; leading manufacturers have stagnated in evolving the product. This, despite the technologies themselves progressing significantly, created a gap in implant evolution. In response, Establishment Labs' Motiva® created a portfolio, offering the most comprehensive selection of advanced smooth implants on the market.



Why Choose Motiva Implants® for Breast Augmentation or Breast Reconstruction?

The outstanding range, and choice of products, is secondary only to the standards of safety offered by the Motiva® range. Establishment Labs are innovators that place safety first - as a commitment to patients. The safety standards have been produced by years of breast implant research and development, resulting in a product line that meets the needs of even the most discerning surgeon-patient team.

Controlled clinical studies have been conducted on the range. Notably, six years after implantation, the study results showed that Motiva® implants, with advanced proprietary smooth surfaces (known as SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®) were associated with great results. No late serums, capsular contractures, or double capsulates; with 100% of patients reported being 'somewhat' to 'extremely' satisfied with their results.

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Motiva Implants® Innovative Safety Features

By default, all Motiva Implants® are housed within SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® shells that are clinically proven to:

• reduce inflammation and increase biocompatibility (i.e. lower bacteria and biofilm formation);
• enable implant insertion via smaller incisions (thereby decreasing associated risks); and
• reduce the risk of double capsules and late seromas

It is well-known that macro textured implants pose significant associated risks. Motiva SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®
are classified as smooth shell implants as per the latest international standard (ISO-14607:2018) so they do not hold the same risk associated with macro textured implants.


motiva smooth silk breast implants used in breast enlargement

Some of the other notable safety features of Motiva Implants® include:

BluSeal®: This patented visual safety indicator is why all Motiva Implants® (aside from sizers) appear slightly blue – to allow surgeons to check the entire implant shell barrier layer (which reduces the risk of gel bleeding) is 100% intact before insertion
TrueMonobloc®: Also present in all Motiva Implants®, this flexible, multilayer system links all implant components (gel, shell, and patch) to create a unified structure that allows for easier insertion, robust function, and a clinically proven safety profile
Qid®/Q Inside® Safety Technology: Patients can choose to have their Motiva Implants® come with an optional “digital passport”: a passive RFID microtransponder suspended within the implant that lets patients and doctors verify important implant information instantly, easily, and non-invasively through an external, handheld reader.


motiva smooth silk breast implants used in breast enlargement


Motiva® Gel Filling

Motiva® implants offer a choice of two different silicone gels. This is significant because the gel used to fill your implant affects how it will look, feel and behave once it is in your body. A choice can therefore be made based on the patients desired results, enabling a personalised approach.

Motiva® Shape Types

Shape is important for the end result. Motiva® offers four main shape options, with two containing ProgressiveGel® Plus and two containing ProgressiveGel Ultima®.

Motiva® Round

The Round product is specially created for patients wishing to experience a fuller upper breast - for a perkier and more youthful look. This implant is uniformly round, with ProgressiveGel® Plus, designed to provide the highest projection and a complete filling of the upper pole of the breast.


Anatomical TrueFixation®

Anatomical (teardrop-shaped) implants have been historically created using textured shells. This was because such shells were believed to minimise the rotation of the implant. This has in turn created a large unmet product demand for patients wishing to receive anatomical implants without the drawbacks of textured shells. Anatomical TrueFixation® by Motiva® is the only anatomical breast implant on the market with an advanced smooth shell. Like Motiva® Round, Anatomical TrueFixation® is also filled with ProgressiveGel® Plus.

TrueFixation® features a superior arch shape and two reinforced silicone tabs (i.e. “fixation” system) that surgeons can suture to tissue to minimize the chances of implant rotation or sliding.
Blue radiopaque lines and dots guide the surgeon in properly orienting the implant during implant placement and allow for X-ray visibility during post-implantation checkups.

complete range of Motiva breast implants at aset hospital liverpool
Ergonomix® Round

Motiva Ergonomix® is the only ergonomic, or moveable implant available on the market. Designed to mimic nature, they are designed to follow a woman's movements - retaining a round shape when she is lying down and assuming a teardrop shape when she is standing, thereby mimicking the look, feel and movements of a natural breast.

The round-based version of this implant type is often simply referred to as “Ergonomix®”; and these implants are filled with ProgressiveGel Ultima®.

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Aset Hospital is proud to use Motiva® to produce outstanding results for our patients. The safety and quality is among the strongest on the market, as proven clinically; this, combined with the broad range of products available, enables Aset surgeons to create a highly personal experience for the patient. Due the range of choice available, our surgeons are keen to create a dialogue with our patients to obtain deep understanding of individual desired results. From this point, we advise on plausibility, and can select the most suitable Motiva product for you.


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