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Phase 2 NEW Extension Completed

Aset Hospital completion of phase 12 extension

ASET Hospital is proud to share with you the exciting news of our new extension. Our new operating theatre, new over-night ward and a brand new hospital lift in preparation for the hospital final extension planned for 2022.


Labiaplasty Clinic
Womans Intimate Clinics at Aset Hospital

Aset Hospital speciliased clinics - Labiaplasty clinic with Miss Rieka Taghizadeh consultant plastic surgeon speciliazing in labiaplasty and  - designer vagina procedures


Miss Rieka Taghizadeh has developed a specialised clinic to offer ladies the highest quality surgery and result. During consultation, she would discuss your concern and your expectation. She would then explain the procedures and show you examples of her previous cases similar to your case. She would also explain the possible complications and how you can avoid them.

woman intimate clinic designer vagina - labiaplasty consultant plastic surgeon Rieka Taghizadeh



Labiaplasty, Designer Vagina, is a procedure to correct shape or reduce size of the vulva area. It usually aims at correction of labia minora. It is the commonest vaginal surgery and the number of women seeking such surgery is on the rise year by year.


Ladies ask for Labiaplasty for different reasons. These include 


The aim of labiaplasty is to alleviate the physical problems but also to boost the ladies’ self-esteem and confidence. The aim of labiaplasty is to alleviate the physical problems but also to boost the ladies’ self-esteem and confidence.

At ASET Hospital, our pre-operative and post-operative teams would support you through your journey to ensure your comfort and to provide you with the highest care. 

Ready to learn more about labiaplasty Surgery? To request your consultation, fill out the form on the side of this page or call our practice at  0151 426 4777Aset Hospital is based in Liverpool, Merseyside UK and serves national and international clients.

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ASET Hospital is an independent healthcare facility. It is owned and managed by a group of NHS consultants. Its financial concept is based on re-creation of the “good and old” direct relationship between patient and surgeon. At ASET Hospital, there are no corporate shareholders, no middleman and no sales-person. You would see the surgeon, doctor or clinician directly.

You are assured that you would receive a top-class care and you would only pay for the actual cost of your service; no extortionate fees to pay the shareholders or the sales person. ASET Hospital is built as a 5-star healthcare facility, our supplies are the most tested and trusted in UK and our surgeons and anaesthetists are the most high-qualified and experienced in the North-West of England. Despite of these expensive set-up, ASET Hospital’s fees are most competitive in the region.