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NHS Plastic Surgery at Aset

Aset Hosital logo with NHS reducing waiting times for surgery

Transformative Plastic Surgery Solutions in Partnership with the NHS

ASET Hospital proudly is a pioneering force in Plastic Surgery, dedicated to collaborating with the NHS to significantly reduce waiting lists. Our team of skilled plastic surgeons, deeply embedded in the NHS in the Northwest, is committed to delivering prompt and exceptional care.

Expediting Access to Plastic Surgery Expertise
Recognising the impact of waiting times on patients, ASET Hospital is committed to accelerating access to Plastic Surgery interventions. Whether removing lipoma cysts or addressing Basal Cell carcinoma, our streamlined approach ensures swift consultations and timely surgical interventions.

Collaborative Expertise for Enhanced Care
Each member of our Plastic Surgery team actively contributes their expertise to the NHS, providing collaboration that prioritises efficiency and minimises waiting times. This collective dedication extends across all aspects of patient care, creating a comprehensive healthcare experience that prioritises patient well-being.

A Commitment to Excellence
ASET Hospital is not just about reducing waiting lists; it's about setting a new standard for Plastic Surgery care. Join us on the journey to a future where waiting times are minimised and Plastic Surgery is synonymous with precision, compassion, and transformative results.