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Dermatology & Skin Treatment

dermatology and skin clinic at aset hospital provide a range of treatments for skin conditions inc botox laser

Dermatology & Skin Treatments

It is fact that skin is the largest organ in human body. Also, it is not a surprise that skin is the body’s external mirror which reflects how healthy, or not, the body is. There are a lot of internal external factors which may affect how the skin would look.
ASET hospital's dermatology and skin clinic has a wide range of experts in different specialities to provide you with a list of comprehensive options of diagnostic tools and treatments to suit your condition.

Our team of dedicated and highly qualified plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, skin care specialists and experienced nurses are here to provide safe treatments to try to help you achieve health, happiness and the results you’ve always dreamed of. We do not compromise on quality and will only use top quality implants, properly equipped and accredited surgical facilities and fully qualified consultant surgeons who are on the GMC specialist register.

Aset Hospital support you to take the right decision on plastic cosmetic surgery


Aset Speciliaists

ASET Hospital’s consultants in Dermatology, Laser Therapy, Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care would work together to complement each other’s efforts depends on your conditions need. Different teams may work together at the same time on the same condition or they may treat the condition in sequence to ensure the best clinical result for you. ASET Hospital is proud to have all these experts from all different specialities under the same roof .


BAAPS The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ISAPS the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) The Royal College of Surgeons



Aset Comprehensive Skin Clinic

Examples of skin conditions which benefit from the ASET Comprehensive Skin Clinic 

Acute Acne - Post acne scarring - Eczema - Psoriasis - Rosacea - Cold sores – Hives – Vitiligo - Warts - Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) – Skin tags - Skin cysts - Skin cancer 


Skin Treatments

Skin Care Treatments
Skin Care Treatments: the most advanced skin nourishing creams/lotions which provide skin maintenance and enhance collagen formation. 

Non- surgical Treatments
Non-surgical Treatments: Botox, Fillers, chemical peel, Profhilo, 

Dermatology Treatments

Dermatology Treatments: ASET team of Dermatologists have massive experience in treating acute and chronic skin conditions 

Vitamins Injection
Vitamins Injections: skin symptoms and signs can be signs of lack of certain vitamins and essential minerals. Replacement of such elements can help to reverse and maintain the health of your skin. 

Lasers: advanced laser technology provides a wide range of different types of lasers to treat different skin conditions. Vascular lasers (PDL or Nd-YAG) target the vascularity of skin while fractional CO2 laser manipulates the tissue component of the skin to reduce wrinkles or to stimulate building extra collagen. Also, the advanced Precision Tx laser can help to reduce the abnormal increase in sweating. 

Surgery: wide range of surgical procedures can help to improve the quality and look of your skin. Revision of scars, removal of skin tags/cysts or even removal of excess hanging skin can be useful in certain cases. Also, surgery can be an important tool in the unfortunate circumstances when the skin lesion/condition proved to be cancerous. However, an expert plastic surgeon would advise on such procedure. 

Camouflage treatment: this treatment is useful with certain skin conditions when above treatments are too risky. The aim is to conceal the skin conditions with professional long-lasting water-proof coloured-matched make-up or medical tattoo. 

Experienced Team

ASET Hospital provides you with the most advanced technology and most experienced plastic surgeons in UK. The Laser Team, led by Miss C Defty and Mr H Shaaban, would advise you on all non-surgical and laser treatment while our team of plastic surgeons can advise you on surgical scar revision. Also, our Prosthetic Team, led by Ms Jane McPhail, Consultant Prosthetist, can advise you on the camouflage, medical tattooing or prosthetics options. 

ASET Skin Team is led by Dr Abba Alkali, Consultant Dermatologist. 

ASET Laser Team is led by Miss C Defty and Mr H Shaaban. Both are NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeons with vast experience in dealing with benign and cancer skin conditions 

ASET Prosthetic Team, led by Ms Jane McPhail, Consultant Prosthetist


This information sheet is designed to offer impartial advice and provide you with information to help you make an informed decision. It does not replace the need for a thorough consultation and all prospective patients should seek the advice of a suitably qualified medical practitioner.


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