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To Mr Shaaban, Lynn and all ASET Staff

Thank you so much for looking after me,
pre/ during/post breast lift surgery.
I feel like I can finally start enjoying my life! I have received the best care,
I'm so happy with the results - again, thank you!
Lots of Love, ****

real patient reviews aset hospital cosmetic surgery

A huge thank you to all the team at Aset for looking after me so well: before, during and after my surgery.
The level of care I've received has been outstanding and it's been a pleasure meeting each and every one of you.
Carla and Suzanne - you are both absolute angels!
I honestly can't put into words how grateful I am for the way you locked after me
and I'll never forget your kindness xxx Helen - your support post op has been invaluable a
nd I'm sure I will continue to lean on you in the following weeks.

Thank you for being there for me xxx
Thanks again to all of you, *******

plastic surgery reviews from aset hospital

To the doctors and nurses who looked after me yesterday,
a big thank you for your skills, kindness and thoughtfulness.
You all work extremely hard and you are appreciated.

Thank you, *******

surgery reviews aset hospital

To all the lovely staff at Aset,
Thank you all for taking care of me during my operation and for the best after care.
You put my mind at ease and were always helpful.
Lots of love, *****

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To Staff at Aset hospital,
Thank you so much for the beautiful bunch of flowers that you sent, it was so kind and very much appreciated. I can not thank you all enough for the incredible care and service that you showed me during my stay last week.
You all went above and beyond and made the whole experience amazing.
As someone who struggles with anxiety, I really can't stress how grateful I am,
as you all put my mind at ease the moment I arrived and continued to support me through the whole process.

Thank you sooo much,
from ****** xoxoxo

patient of aset hospital surgery review

To Everyone at Aset,
A big massive thank you for all your support and help before and after my operation.
You've changed my life for the better. I'm like a new woman.
Mr Shaban - thank you so much for everything.
This reduction meant everything for me and I couldn't be happier.
Mr Shaban, my real life super hero.

******* xxx

patient reviews aset hospital

To Hassan & and all your lovely kind staff
For really looking after me
Love Always
*** ****** XX

reviews patients breast surgery aset hospital

To all the staff at Aset Hospital

Thank you all so much for looking after me, your kindness, care and expertise
Was amazing! The support and care I received I will never forget.
You all coped with a ‘major drama queen’
Very well and I always felt I was in the best hands of care

All my love and appreciation to you all
Love ******* ***

reviews aset hospital

To Mr Shaaban, Karen, Anne Lynn and all your Wonderfull team
I want to say a Big Thank You to each and everyone one of you
For all the care you gave me, during my surgery, also before and after the surgery.
Your all amazing. I am over the moon with the results.
Once again Thank you

reviews aset hospital breast enlargement

Dear Dr Shaaban & The Aset Team!
Thank you so much for making me feel so relaxed
from the the moment I walked in the door :)
You looked after me from start to finish!
Thanks again and enjoy the chocolates.
Love ********

reviews mole surgery aset hospital

Many thanks
“Lads & Lasses”
For all your care, help
& friendship on the 5th
Regards & Best Wishes

reviews aset hospital

A very special Thankyou to Susanne & Lauren for looking after me so well! I
Felt like a teen on a mini break!
I had a breast lift and 12th April, you
Were both so lovely to me and went above and beyond.
Also thank you to Annie who was my
recovery nurse, you were so reassuring and kind when I woke up!
Also the HCA who looked after me during the night, I’m sorry I didn’t get\your name! You are new to the team
& a fantastic addition, you made me feel safe and settled over night.

This procedure has been a long time coming, you made it even better

Lots of love **** *******
(A very happy breast lift patient) XXX

reviews Mr Hassan Shaaban surgeon patient review abdominoplasty aset hospital

Just to say a huge thank you for the
Amazing service I received when I had my surgery at the beginning of November. I am now 2 months on
And the results are more than Fantastic!. All the team are lovely, efficient and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble for Karen and her staff.

Mr Hassan Shaaban, you are amazing too !! Your expertise and attention to detail is second to none, everything is clearly explained, what a kind reassuring man you are,

The outcome of my procedure is brilliant better than I expected.
Wishing you all the very for the new year and the future of Aset!!!
Kind regards ******* ****

reviews aset hospital

To Mr Khan & the Staff at Aset
Thank you so much for looking
After me

Love *** & ***

reviews aset hospital

Dear Aset Hospital, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything.
I was made to feel so comfortable and couldn’t have done it without you all!
Many thanks, Lydia x


patient testimonials
Thank you all for making me feel at ease and taking such great care of me through out.
You all do a fab job.

Chloe xx

aset hospital cosmetic surgery patient reviews

To Karen, thank you so much for all your hard work and help!
Lots of Love, Ashley and Ricardo xxx

patient reviews

Thank you very much for making us so happy - you’re the best and all the staff are so lovely.
Thank you very much to you all xxxx
All our love Lisa xx Jessica xxxx

cosmetic surgery patient testimonials from aset 4

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Shaaban, Karen and Staff for the care,
kindness and thoughtfulness shown to me during my operation last week.
It was most reassuring to have such amazing care.
Thank you, Barbara.

patient review2

To All at Aset, 

Thank you so much for looking after me, you have been very supportive and helpful.
Karlie, Sharon, Pam and Karen you are so kind and professional.
Dr Hasan Shaban is amazing and very kind. I felt like a VIP.
Thank you xxx

thank you review

Thank you!
To All the Team, thank you so much for looking after me and all your kindness.
From Cheryl.


Dear Rachel, Karen, Cheryl and Team

Thank you so much for the fantastic care and attention you gave me at Aset Hospital.
Everything was organised so well and everyone is so friendly and kind - I felt in very safe hands.
Sam x

thank you cosmetic surgery dr fratti
To Mr El Gawad, Rachel, Karen, Pam, Cheryl and all staff members,

Thank you so much for all you have done and the support you have given.

Lots of Love, 

Donna and David xx 

cosmetic carereviews

To Dr Frati and his team, 
Thank you so much for looking after us two, during our breast augmentation surgery.
From Philippa and Georgia  x

testimonials from cosmetic surgery patients from Aset hospital

Thank you for taking care of me when I was scared and vulnerable.
You made my journey amazing and one to remember.

You reassured me when I was frightened and took me under your wing.
All the staff were amazing.

I will never forget each and every one of you. Thank you!!!!! All my love, Annie (Dr Fratis Patient) xxx

aset hospital care review
To All the lovely nurses at Aset!
Thank you for looking after me and being so kind and caring!
Love,  Francesca x

hospital patient reviews

Thank you so much for looking after me so well, and bringing me all the lovely cups of tea!
Love, Erica  x


Aset Hospital review patient

To Mr Shaaban / Nurses / Office Staff

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me!
I'm feeling more confident and cannot express how grateful I am.

Mr Shaaban - amazing surgeon and such reassuring patient care.
Nurses - hilarious and reassuring.
Office staff - very professional and always rang / messaged back.

Just know that you're making people extremely happy in a very tough year.
Thanks again !!! Rebecca

To All the wonderful staff at Aset Hosital
Thank you so much for being so kind and caring to me throughout my visits and operation.
You are all truly inspirational!
Thank you Danielle X

To All the staff at Aset
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me you have gone above & beyond
I can't tell you how much i appreciate it
All my love Jade xxx

Carla, Cheryl, Jackie, Karen & Team.
I want to say a huge 'thank you'
for your amazing care when i came
into Aset. You were all so lovely and took all my nerves away!
It felt like I was surrounded by all my friends,
I want you to know how amazing you all are, real life angels!
Enjoy your treats !
Lots of Love
xxx Ghleigh xxx

To All of the lovely ladies on Sunday
Thank you so much for being so wonderful and kind to
You ladies are fantastic !
Lots of love Victoria XXX


To Mr Shaaban
No words will ever be able to show how thankful I am
for making my dreams reality!!
From Katie X



All of the lovely
nurses who looked
after me, Thank you for all of your
care and making me feel
safe on my special day!
From Katie x


Aset Hospital patient reviews Jan 2020


To Mr Khan, Mr Shaaban & all of the team at Aset Hospital
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
For all the care you gave me
Lots of Love HC XXXX



Dear Aset Staff

Thank you all so
Much for looking after
Me during my stay
at Aset



Thanks to all the staff at Aset Hospital



Dear Karen

Thank you so much for your kindness
And care at a time when I was
Feeling very anxious and low.
If it weren’t for you I don’t know how long
I would have to wait for the surgery.
Thank you for all your help,



Just to say a ‘huge thank you’
To all of you in the way
You so kindly treated me last
SaturdayYou are a Wonderfull team
So efficient. So caring and
Great fun.
Thank you



I just wanted to say a big thanks to you all for looking after me and doing a great job, its much appreciated.
To Mr Shaaban the surgical wizard, The 2 Karens, To Carla, Cheryl, Amy, Paul, Lynne
And everyone else in the team,
Who I’ve met and chatted to while I’ve been there.
Sorry I can’t remember all the names, but what I can say is you are a lovely team, pleasant and welcoming, So thanks !
Very much enjoy your chocolates and ill see you in a few months at follow up



To Mr Shaaban
Thank you very much for looking after me
All the best



To all the staff at Aset

I just want to say a massive thank
You for being so kind and friendly
On Saturday. - this was my first time
having any kind of surgery and I was
so nervous but you all made me feel
at ease and made my experience as comfortable as possible.
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas
And I wish you all the best for 2021
Love CR x0



To the wonderful nursing staff at Aset Hospital
Thank you so much for all
Of your care and help
During my breast aug op.
Given the circumstances that covid has caused and going through the operation alone,
You really made the whole experience better !
Thanks so much !


testimional 3


To all the amazing staff
Just to say a great big
Thank you
Many thanks
With love


patient - lesion to the leg review of treatment at Aset Hospital in Liverpool


Dear Mr Shaaban
I would like to thank you so much
For all your kindness, time and
Efforts over the past few weeks.
Seeing me at such short notice
Helped to ease any concerns over
The lesion to my leg - thank you.
Thankfully, the lesion was benign so that is the end of it
You are a great doctor and it
Was lovely to meet you.
Kind regards




The Aset Hospital Team
Thank you !

I just wanted to say a big thank you
For all you have done for me!
Many thanks
M xx


huge thank you - review6


Just a wee note to say a huge,
Heartfelt thank you to each and every
One of you lovely ladies (and the nice man who took me to theatre !). From
Being so nice and kind to me over the phone, to reassuring me and looking
After me on surgery day., to patiently changing my dressings a week later.
You are all absolute gems and I’m
Extremely grateful.
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and health and happiness in the new year


Dr Frati aset hospital patient review December


Dear Dr Frati, nurses and doctors. Thank you
So much for my time spent with you. You
Were all amazing especially the nurses were
Absolutely incredible and made me feel so at
Ease. From JW Xx



To Mr Khan & the staff
At Aset
Thank you for looking after me
M & J