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Face clinics with Asets team of facial plastic surgeons and skin experts specialise in turning the clock back 0n ageing facial features at aset hospital Liverpool
Features of the face and its skin change with age, health and fluctuation of body weight. Over the years, advances in technology and surgical techniques offered a wide spectrum of treatments to “turn the clock backward”. These treatments help to regain the shape and improve the quality of skin.

Our team of dedicated and highly qualified plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, skin care specialists and experienced nurses are here to provide safe treatments to try to help you achieve health, happiness and the results you’ve always dreamed of. We do not compromise on quality and will only use top quality implants, properly equipped and accredited surgical facilities and fully qualified consultant surgeons who are on the GMC specialist register.

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Aset Speciliaists

ASET Hospital provides you with the most advanced technology and most experienced plastic surgeons in UK to address your concerns. .

BAAPS The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ISAPS the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) The Royal College of Surgeons



Face Clinic Surgical & Non Surgical

It is fact that most ladies, and gentlemen, are confused by the amount of treatments marketed to treat the face. Most patients attend their consultation unsure of what the best treatment for them. ASET Face Clinic offers you a unique opportunity to discuss your concerns and to know about all available options for you.

Non - Surgical
Non- surgical face rejuvenation: Wrinkle & fine line treatments, fillers, Profhilo, chemical peels, Obagi treatment.

Laser facial treatments : advanced laser technology provides a wide range of lasers for resurfacing of the face, removal of age spots and unwanted pigmentation, stimulation of collagen formation and ablation of facial thread veins. Our Laser Team led by Miss C Defty, Consultant Plastic and Laser Surgeon, would advise you on the latest laser advances and suitability of these treatments to address your concerns. In addition, Mr H Shaaban, Consultant Plastic and Laser Surgeon, would advise you on the most updated laser face/neck lift using the Precision Tx laser technology(face lift laser). As the leading UK laser expert in that field, he would offer his expert advice regarding the suitability of such technology for your case. This advice is crucial to save time and avoid costly treatment.

Face cosmetic surgery: facelift, neck lift, combined face/neck lift, liposuction on neck, eyelid surgery, brow surgery, rhinoplasty, ear -reshaping.

At ASET Hospital, our team of expert plastic surgeons would advise on such procedures. It is not uncommon that you may need a combination of more than one treatment/procedure to achieve your desired result. It is common to combine face and neck surgery or face and eyelid surgery. Similarly, your facial surgery may be followed by non-surgical treatment to enhance or maintain your result.

Skin Care treatment
Skin Care treatment: A good advice on skin care could be all you need to improve or maintain the quality of your facial skin. This advice could also be helpful after surgical or non-surgical facial treatments. Our expert team of skin care would advise on such treatments.

At ASET Hospital, you would be offered the most advanced available options for facial surgery/treatment under same roof.



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