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Pectus Excavatum
Surgical Treatments - Severity of Deformity

Pectus Excavatum is a congenital abnormality with the development of the rib cage. As a result, the chest bone (sternum) and the ribs in front of the chest are dented in. The chest muscles (pectoral muscles) may also have abnormal attachment under the breasts. This deep dent in lower chest between the 2 breasts results in a deep cleavage area. This deformity is more obvious with slim ladies with smaller breasts.

Our team of dedicated and highly qualified plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, skin care specialists and experienced nurses are here to provide safe treatments to try to help you achieve health, happiness and the results you’ve always dreamed of. We do not compromise on quality and will only use top quality implants, properly equipped and accredited surgical facilities and fully qualified consultant surgeons who are on the GMC specialist register.

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Mild to moderate degree of pectus

In mild to moderate degree of pectus, patient might not be aware of this condition and usually complaints of the smaller breasts associated with the abnormality. Performing breast implant surgery on these cases needs special attention from the surgeon to choose the right shape/size of implants, place the implant in the right pocket (above or below muscles) and address abnormal attachment of the muscles.


Moderate to severe degree of pectus

In moderate to severe degree of pectus, a 3-D CT scan is performed first to assess the severity of deformity. A custom-made pre-sternal implant might be needed to correct the dent of the bone followed by insertion of the 2 breast implants. The 3 implants can be inserted at the same surgery (single stage procedure) or the 2 breast implants can be inserted few weeks after (2-stage procedure).

Pectus Excavatum - a special interest

Over the span of his career, Mr H Shaaban developed special interest in dealing with pectus excavatum deformity and published his experience with such problem in international journals.

What are your options ?

During consultation with Mr Shaaban, he would listen to your concerns, assess the degree of your deformity and offer you the suitable options of management for your case. If your deformity proves to be of severe category, Mr Shaaban would involve Ms Jane McPhail, Consultant Prosthetist, who would analyse your 3-D scan and use the most advanced technology to create a custom-made silicone implant to fit the dent between the 2 breasts.

Why Aset Hospital?

ASET Hospital is one of very few centres in UK which have the expertise and capability to deal with such complex breast cases.


This information sheet is designed to offer impartial advice and provide you with information to help you make an informed decision. It does not replace the need for a thorough consultation and all prospective patients should seek the advice of a suitably qualified medical practitioner.


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