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Skin Peels

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A fully trained and experienced Plastic Surgeon will understand ageing process and will be able to determine whether non-surgical or surgical procedures, or a combination, will produce your desired results.  You may be considering dermal fillers or Botox when you really need a face lift, or a neck lift, or eyelid surgery, or vice versa.

An experienced and well-trained Plastic Surgeon is your best partner as he/she will understand what surgery and non-surgical procedures will achieve.  Not everyone carrying out dermal filler and Botox treatments will understand the ageing process, the anatomy and the risks. At ASET Hospital offers a wide variety of non-surgical treatments that aim to deliver tighter skin, renew contours, treat problematic skin and smooth wrinkles. We have an exclusive skin care programme which, after an initial skin assessment by our Consultants, can be individually tailored to your needs. 

Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons are members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) and all have a variety of professional qualifications.
aset consultant plastic surgeons are members of BAAPS BAPRAS ISAPS

Facial Skin Peels

A skin peel is a non-invasive procedure which helps to restore a younger, fresher appearance. It is an effective way to treat lines and wrinkles along with acne scars, pigmentation and sun damage. It smoothes and improves the texture of the facial skin by removing the damaged layers.

The Procedure
The two most common skin peels are the superficial peel and the medium depth peel. The first quickly and easily removes the outer layer of cells, lightly exfoliating the skin to give a fresher, healthy glow. The freshly cleansed face is painted with the peel which is left on for between 2 and 10 minutes – it may sting mildly. The face is then washed and neutralised and the skin will appear pink or it may be blotchy which fades after a few hours. Treatment should be repeated weekly for 4 – 6 weeks. Alternatively, a medium depth peel penetrates further into the skin, reducing small wrinkles and acne scars and may also help give a more even skin tone.

These peels can be used to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin on the face or backs of the hands. Cleansed skin is painted with the peel which turns whitish grey over a few minutes and cool saline compresses are then applied to neutralise the acid in the peel. The face may swell when the peel is applied, and any burning or stinging will last for about an hour after treatment. In the first week post treatment, the skin turns dark brown with white streaks, it will itch and start to peel and the skin will be bright red. This will fade to fresh pink over the following 3 – 6 weeks. Treatment should be repeated monthly until you achieve the desired effect and then maintained with a peel every 6 – 12 months.

After Care
The results from the moderate peels will not be noticeable until the skin has completely healed. It is imperative to follow the after-care instructions you will be given, to help the skin heal successfully. It is recommended that sunscreens should be used for the first 3 months, as this helps prevent the problem of increased pigmentation.


Your consultation at Aset Hospital Surgery Centre, and will last approximately one hour. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will provide a full assessment and discuss your desires and requirements. You will be able to get answers to all of your questions and concerns about skincare, and your consultation will determine the products for you, tailored to your individual skincare needs.

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