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Aset Hospital
A Centre of Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery

ASET Hospital is a leading centre of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic solutions, based in the North West of England. Our unique approach places the highest importance on the emotional wellbeing of our patients, alongside the delivery of clinical excellence. A friendly team: from our receptionists, to nurses, and consultant surgeons guarantee your happiness and comfort throughout. All our staff are highly qualified and the vast majority have NHS experience. They will be on hand to look after you around the clock. At ASET, we are not about resting on our laurels.

We are constantly researching and implementing the latest advances in innovation across both our procedures and our overall patient service. Our patients will always get the very best in cosmetic procedures and care.

Elite and Highly Respected Surgeons

At ASET our surgeons are all based locally. They boast strong professional backgrounds: all are, or have been, registered NHS Consultant Surgeons on the specialist register with the national General Medical Council (GMC). As fully accredited members of their speciality association, they deliver outstanding results across all procedures. A key feature of the ASET experience is the time each patient receives with their surgeon, both pre and post op. We are proud that our surgeons spend as much time to plan and explain a procedure as is individually needed, with the mentality that no question is too small. Building a relationship of trust between the patient and the team is of highest priority. Please see full surgeon profiles here.

We look forward to meeting you. The ASET Team

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News - Cellulite Laser Surgery

Aset Hospital introduced the revolutionary Cellulaze, Triplex and Precision Tx devices to the UK. Mr Hassan Shaban continues to spearhead the development of these highly effective FDA approved laser plastic surgery advance procedures that focus on minimal downtime and scarring to produce beautiful natural-looking results.

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video cosmetic surgery to treat cellulite

Surgical Procedures & Non Surgical

All surgical procedures are carried out by our specialist surgeons at Aset Hospital Surgery Centre, focusing on world-class care transforming patients lives with meticulously performed cosmetic plastic surgery - below are the core areas of our cosmetic surgery procedures which are available Aset Hospital.

Body procedures liposuction abdominplastly lifts and tucks
Body Procedures

Cosmetic procedures to improve the body's appearance include liposuction, abdominplasty, Lifts

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Breast cosmetic  procedures breast enlargemt reduct lifts asymmetry
Breast Procedures

Surgical proceduresĀ that aim to increase size, shape, fullness, asymmetry or reduction of the theĀ breast

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Face cosmetic surgery at Aset Hospital inc face lifts necks lifts surgery
Face Procedures

Facial cosmetic surgery and isolated surgery minimize the effects of aging and offer a fresher, more youthful look.

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Precision TX laser surgery face lifts neck lifts and body contouring
Laser Plastic Surgery

Facelift through surgical TX laser treatment. TRIPLEX laser liposuction

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Minor procedures include scar revision and  lumps moles bwarts moles removed
Minor Procedures

Moles, cysts, warts and lumps removed and scar revisions.

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Effective cellulite treatments using Cellulaze cellulite laser a medical solution

A truly effective medical solution for celluite

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Precision TX laser surgery face lifts neck lifts and body contouring
Specialised Clinic

Clinics held by our specialised consultants and health care professionals

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Orthobiological Stem Cell Therapies <br>                               Customised to treat your osteoarthritis & sports injuries
Stem Cell Therapies

Orthobiological Stem Cell Therapies Customised to treat osteoarthritis & sports injuries.

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Effective cellulite treatments using Cellulaze cellulite laser a medical solution
Skin Cancer

Aset Hospital Pioneering skin cancer specialists Mohs surgeons - Plastic surgeons

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Our surgeons spend time and have the expertise to explain procedures fully, offer honest advice and answer all of your questions

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Our Specialist Surgical Hospital

The creation of Aset Hospital was to allow patients seeking cosmetic surgery to find a complete cosmetic surgery centre within a hospital focused and created to be a dedicated centre for some of the UK's elite cosmetic surgeons.
From intial consultation, through surgery and aftercare Aset Hospital focus's on unrivalled patientcare and results.